“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”

– Oscar Wilde

It seems cliche to say that ‘(enter dramatic life event here) was the best thing that ever happened to me.’  But, I suppose that in some cases, such a life event could be the catalyst for eating healthier, improving your relationships, starting a small business, taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of…  When you’re faced with your mortality, you might create/act on a bucket list, appreciate the little things a little more, hug your kids/spouse/family/friends a little tighter…

What would you do? What have you always dreamed of doing? How would you live what was left of your life – however long that is?

2 thoughts on “Blessing?

  1. Hopefully I’d do much of what you mentioned. And hopefully I’d believe in myself enough to write and write and write.

  2. You have had quite a shock and are now faced with the reality of dying but I was surprised that you haven’t surrendered to God or spoken of him. If you want to know him, all you have to do is send a prayer from your heart to his and ask him to forgive you for your sins. Tell him you know his son Jesus died for our sins and to give us eternal life and you would like to invite him into your life as you surrender to him. By praying this prayer, you will be instantly filled with the holy spirt and saved.
    Please don’t low another day go without knowing Jesus. Everyone who has ever had a near death experience And was revived has seem Jesus and felt the overwhelming. Unconditional love coming from him.
    I wish you a miracle and I hope that you use this time to find God. I will pray for you.

    God bless,

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