The Signs

I mentioned that I had no symptoms prior to my first seizure, but in retrospect there were probably some, even though they weren’t obvious.  The only real obvious one was being super tired and super cranky and super un-focused the week before my first seizure – I thought I had super PMS.  That’s about it.  They tell me that the fact that I didn’t have symptoms is a good thing.  I’ll believe them.

My tumor was in my left frontal lobe – right at the surface. The frontal lobe is responsible for memory, speech, and emotions.

Given the aggressive nature of a GBM 4, they suspect it grew in less than a year.  So, it’s easy to over analyze that year trying to find signs, symptoms, hints. I could find examples where I forgot things I probably should have remembered; where I forgot names or words I probably should have remembered; where I was an emotional wreck for something I probably shouldn’t have been a wreck about.  BUT I was overworked, stressed, and making a pretty big life decision about my career and family.  Weren’t those ‘normal’ things?  It’s hard to say what ‘normal’ is under the circumstances.

I’ll be sharing some of the joys and side effects of having a frontal tumor, then having it cut out of your melon, then going through treatment.

I’m sorry that technology isn’t yet good enough for me to add the 4D experience.  I’ll keep talking to Disney and the folks at Skywalker Ranch and ILM.


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