I’m on my way to Stanford to visit the kind and gentle (if I say it, maybe it will come true) vampires and receive this month’s ‘vaccine’ (remember that it’s still a double-blind study) shots. My hope for the trip is that my veins cooperate, the gentlest nurse on the planet is there to give me my shots and I’ll get to see pictures of her new grandbaby. I’m excited about going because my dear friend is driving me and sitting with me during the waiting time and we’ll get to catch up on each others’ lives – a oddly placed touch of ‘normal’ in a hospital room perhaps, but I take it where I can get it. I don’t mind that while out to dinner tonight with family, I may have to ask the server for a bag of ice so that I don’t go insane with the itching that I know is coming.

The fight continues and the weekend is nigh.  It’s a good day.


While the vampires – ok, nurses in this case – were kind and gentle, my veins did not cooperate.  3 attempts before they finally believed that the child sized needle was needed.  I tell them every time, but they finally believed me.  They sent someone across the street for one and placed an order for more so they’d be there next time.  There was even talk of hiding them so they didn’t get used up by others.  I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one with teeny, stubborn veins, but they’ll learn.

No baby pictures.  😦  But the gentlest nurse on the planet was there and was so excited about seeing her grandbaby, I didn’t mind.  (Different nurse than the ones who took 4 attempts to draw my blood.)

Good visiting and a nice lunch out.  Still a good day.

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