Leprechauns of Hope

If you really want to believe, you’ll find proof. We pulled together a leprechaun trap last night in record time when our youngest was going to bed and he realized he’d neglected his plans to build one yesterday. It involved a box, a highlighter pen and two chocolates wrapped in gold paper. He was satisfied, and would not have understood a MacGyver reference so we bit our tongues and put him to bed. This morning he found proof that the leprachans had been here. You decide what was ‘real’ proof and what wasn’t.

– Box had fallen off the highlighter that it was propped up on
– Chocolate had been half eaten
– The milk was green (which had to be pointed out to him…since he’s slightly colorblind)
– The diabolically hard puzzle we (I’m being generous by saying ‘we’) were working on was finished
– The cat was ouside, not inside as usual
– The bag of oranges was on the counter, not in the fruit basket
– A quarter was ‘left’ on the ground

I’m sure there will be more ‘proof’ found throughout the day and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

We will all find ‘proof’ and hope where we can find it, especially when we really need it. My kids are ouside right now looking for gold that the leprechauns might have dropped, but they don’t know that I already found my ‘pot of gold’ in them.

5 thoughts on “Leprechauns of Hope

  1. Our children are our biggest legacy. I used to not like or truly understand this sentiment…but there it is, under our nose all along. Can picture the fun!

  2. Believing is such a wonderful time in children’s lives….leprechauns, Easter Bunnys or Santa brings the best out in all of us.

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