Hippy or Alien

My mother-in-law sent me this Himalayan Salt Lamp. It’s supposed to naturally clean the air – something about ions. I think it might actually be working. I can’t say for sure, but it might be. And it’s pretty – it has a dimmer so it doesn’t glow too brightly at night. So, either I’m a big hippy (I’m not ashamed that I have purple Birkenstocks)…OR…it may mean that I’m now capable of contacting Orson from Ork. If only I still had my rainbow suspenders (Yes, I did say ‘still’.)


2 thoughts on “Hippy or Alien

  1. I’m under the spell of March Madness. I just watched a bit on a coach who before each game wrote on the board for his players to see and contemplate this, To win: DEFEND…REBOUND. I think there is a life lesson here.

    After reading your blog, I see you are a winner. Keep defending and rebounding.

    Love and prayers,

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