Call Cyndi Lauper: My platelets are stuck in the ’80s

Low platelets…those damn low platelets!

I had my pre-chemo appointment today. My platelets were at 82 (a week ago, they were 100). If they’re under 100, I can’t start my chemo round for the month.

So, I have to have MORE blood drawn each week until they’re back up over 100. We have a vacation to Hawaii planned, so apparently, I’m getting a ‘reprieve’ from the toxic cancer killers this month. Luckily, everyone agrees that doing chemo while on a (planned pre-tumor discovery) vacation in Hawaii is just wrong.

AND my experimenting with things that might raise my platelets has been a complete failure.  SO, maybe there really isn’t a way to increase them. I have been drinking Goji berry juice – some say it works. Not for me. I have been taking and iron and B12 supplement – some say THAT helps. Not for me.  I avoid sugar and alcohol. I am eating my body weight in dark leafy greens, fresh fruits, etc. Nope, that didn’t work for me either – but I’m not going to stop eating them, because that would just be nutso.

Ah, hell. Now where did I put that Emergency clown nose?

2 thoughts on “Call Cyndi Lauper: My platelets are stuck in the ’80s

  1. Hope it at least made you smile to think of that emergency nose in the face of frustration! Made me smile big, almost LOL, and definitely wish I were closer so could give you a hug. Maybe all those things will work later, and as you’ve conjectured, God just knew you needed a real break in Hawaii! Am trusting it will be refreshing and healing in a non-toxic way! Love and blessings, Jill Jurvelin, (i’m 2nd or ???? cousin by marriage. I live in Idaho, and recently was directed to your blog by your dad when I let him know I was missing the creative updates that accompanied the first couple months of the diagnosis, and you’ve been on my prayer list, though not quite so specifically as initially. )

  2. Hi Karyn,

    You might ask your Dr. about Neupogen- it’s a drug that stimulates some white blood cell production. They probably would have recommended it if it’s common for your situation, but maybe worth an ask. I administered it myself to bring up counts. It goes down again in about a week, but then you take more before the next round.
    I do recall my dad taking a two-week break and going to Hawaii. He loved the break! You and your family greatly deserve a wonderful break and time there.

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