We’re back from our trip and struggling to get back into the groove of mainland real life. 

Either my allergies are kicking in big time or I’ve brought back a little cold. My daughter had some congestion on the trip and she described it well – ‘I’m like a snack machine…every time I blow my nose, it just fills up again.’ Think of the snacks moving forward in the machine, not snot as a snack…

This will be a busy week in my life with brain cancer. I get my vaccine shot today and an have MRI and Oncologist appointment on Friday. There’ll be some blood draws in there too, so fingers crossed the break in March did my platelets good. At last check they were 115. If all looks good, I’ll start my next round of chemo on Monday.

We’re going to miss these beautiful sunsets…and the beach…and even the roosters.

Anini Sunset

4 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Trusting your vacation was great – how can time in Hawaii be anything less than great?! Glad your platelets are picking up too, and wishing you well for continued treatment…as pain-free and “easy” as possible…. Today is my birthday, and I’m happy to stand at my desk practicing radiating health and vitality, so that this is what I will attract all year, and sending those waves from my heart to yours, dearest Karyn

  2. So glad to hear that you all made it over the big ocean in a plane and back again! Sure hope the Wilder Family had a great time in Hawaii. I missed your missives. Praying for a good platelet count for you so you can have that next round of chemo.

    You mentioned that you would like at some point to go on vacation with just Todd. I would be happy to stay with the kids if you two want to get away for a few days alone. Just give me a few days notice.

    Have a good week.

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