April’s Brain Cancer Week Update

As I mentioned in my last post, there’s a lot going on this week in the the brain cancer part of my life.

Monday was my vaccine appointment. A friend I haven’t seen in a while drove me, so it gave us some good time to catch up since there was an excessive amount of wait time. My appointment was at 10:00, we were excused at 12:30 with rumbly tummies ready for some lunch. I’ll remember to warn the next person that volunteers to drive me to clear most of their day for the privilege of seeing me in my underpants and watching as someone sticks me with needles. I will promise to buy them lunch after, though. If there’s time.

My platelet count was 92. So much for the break doing wonders – BUT I have to admit that I did have a beer or glass of wine each day on vacation. It was vacation after all. I’m eating my dark leafy greens, taking my iron/B12 supplements in hopes that they come up over 100 before Friday. Think good rising-platelet thoughts for me!

The nurse who drew my blood reached a whole new level of bedside manner. She did ask me how to pronounce my name rather than just guess (it’s not odd, just spelled different.) She didn’t argue (much) with me when I said I needed a size 25 needle. She only stuck me once. That’s all the positive things I have to say about her. She’s probably lovely, but was certainly hiding her charming personality that day.

The vaccine site didn’t start itching until Tuesday and it’s too low for me to use my ‘ice pack in the pocket’ trick. My neighbor gave me some Incredible Hulk ice packs that are perfect pocket-sized too! If I only knew more about the Hulk, the bad jokes I could make as I place him gently in my pocket and sigh with relief would be WAY funnier. To me. I’ll have to ask that they do the injections above the ‘pocket line’ next time and study up on the Hulk.

I got five reminder calls yesterday for my MRI appointment on Friday. Not kidding, FIVE calls. All recorded, all identical. I guess they really don’t want me to miss this one. As if I would.

Waiting for a scan is this strange mix of excitement and dread. On the one hand, you dread the possibility of bad news. On the other hand, you eagerly anticipate just knowing what’s going on in your brain. I hesitate to be too optimistic, for fear it will be bad news. But at the same time, my gut is telling me it will be just fine. In the mean time, I’ll stay busy doing post vacation errands and laundry, catching up with friends, and devising new pocketless ice pack holding contraptions.


3 thoughts on “April’s Brain Cancer Week Update

  1. Karyn, keep thinking those positive thoughts and relax for the MRI tomorrow. I had mine today and all I can say is that the machines must have been designed by a 12 year old that never tired of the old video arcade in the mall. Prayers to you and all for patience and peace!

    • I’m thinking that if they can’t add special effects and impressions of Star Wars characters, they can at least add a narrative to the experience. ‘This next test will be 3 minutes. We’ll be exploring your Hippocampus. The Hippocampus is responsible for your long term memory storage and is similar in shape to a seahorse, inspiring it’s name – ‘seahorse’ in Latin….’

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