Brain Cancer week update 4-19

MRI was clear – no signs of tumor growth.  I have a hole in my brain from surgery, but that’s expected. Prepare yourselves for the ‘another hole in my head’ jokes.  My oncologist said that the only better thing he could say was ‘you’re cured’…which of course, he can’t say. They haven’t given him a crystal ball yet.

He also thinks that I’m probably getting the vaccine (remember it’s a double blind study 50% get the vaccine, 50% get the placebo and only the drug company can say who’s in which group), which of course he doesn’t know for sure (and stated that clearly), but I’ll take it.

My platelet count is up to 123, so I can start my next round of chemo this week. yeah.

It’s a good day. We’ll remain vigilant and fight on.

And if I can add, please say a prayer or send some healing energy (whatever your preference) to the families of those lost and those injured in Boston.


6 thoughts on “Brain Cancer week update 4-19

  1. Healing energy heading in all directions; externally to Boston, Texas (fire), all war zones; personally to Karen Wilder, Maureen I., Karen M., Sarah H., sister JM, Chris & Sharon; extremely personally within me, to heal myself….

    Karen, thanks for mustering up all that excellent news to end the week with – good job!

  2. You rock what a terrific piece of news to share with us all. We are all fantastically happy. Prayers and candles in place for Boston.

  3. Fantastic news on all fronts – great MRI report and good platlet levels! You will continue to be on my prayer list. Good luck with the chemo next week.

  4. Oh my…it is wonderful and amazing. We don’t have a crystal ball …but who does? Karyn your beautiful self and your amazing spirit is something we would all love to package up and take home…and of course many of our prayers are with Boston…our home. Doing happy dance on many fronts tonight!!! We love you and your family and hold you in our hearts all the time… Patty and Fred

  5. From one “hole-in-the-brainer” to another: what fantastic brilliant news!! I am so happy to hear that and know how wonderful the feeling is after receiving such good news (as I did in March). Wish you lots of strength with the next round of chemo and continuous good health!

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