Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has definitely sprung around here. I’ve always loved spring because it brings a sense of excitement, fresh beginnings, and warmth. I have to admit I had mixed feelings about spring this year soley because of the prospect of going through my worst allergy season sans meds.

But after my good news yesterday, I decided to relish my favorite season in spite of the allergies. Sneezing be damned!

So here’s a short list of some of my favorite spring things:
– the sun comes out and stays out
– it gets warm, but not hot
– the trees suddenly have their leaves and provide a view of a million shades of green
– the flowers – every one of them brilliant, even the ‘weeds’
– the smell of spring, specifically:
– night blooming jasmine – it’s enchanting
– citrus blossoms – even more enchanting and they carry the promise of future bounty
– gardens full of carrots, tomatoes, basil, beets, more varieties of lettuce than you could imagine, and so on…
– everyone feels happy after the cold, gray days are gone and they can shed their winter coats
– our neighborhood opening day and all of the front yard parties that follow

What’s YOUR favorite season and why?

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Winter is wonderful – short cold days, longer colder nights – cuddling in bed to stay warm – fireplace in evening – getting to play in the snow but not having to living in the snow – being lazy and cozy and doing jigsaw puzzles while enjoying the storms outside….

    Spring is spectacular – new beginnings in Mother Nature’s world, with buds and blossoms – warm sun on my shoulders as I take a long walk – sweet floral scents – spring cleaning my house and garage and yard – ping pong in my garage with the doors open to the neighborhood – stretching muscles which are underused….

    Summer is surreal – hot days, BBQ evenings, campfire nights – friends dropping by, and neighbors becoming friends – long hikes in the redwoods, heading for the next shady spot – long, long days that go well into the evening – driving up and down the coast and through the forests – celebrating fresh fruits and veggies – swinging peacefully in a hammock….

    But fall is my favorite – wrapping up the year, with all the memories and learnings and gifts and losses – soul-satisfying soups and stews and spaghetti and stuffed peppers – crisp weather – leaves turning colors and dancing their way to the ground, graceful swirling ballerinas – and the promise of family visits and Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to….


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