It’s Gonna Be A Hot One! Let’s Run For It!

Today, it’s going to be hot. 91 degrees. But it’s a dry heat, so there’s that.

My daughter’s Girls on the Run team is practicing for their upcoming 5K, by doing a 5K.

Her regular running buddy – Daddy – is working to bring home the metaphorical bacon. So, her brother and I are going to be her buddies. I’m not a runner, have never been a runner, will probably never be a runner – my body rejects the idea wholesale and makes that rejection clear if ever I try to ignore it. So I’m walking. In the heat. I’m feeling about 85% back to normal – which isn’t bad. This may push me up to 95% OR back to 60%.

But I’m doing it, because I love my daughter. I’m proud of her for trying something new, sticking with it, and fully engaging in the wonderful lessons that GOTR is giving her. They almost always translate to her interactions with her brother…almost (I knew immediately the day they learned about I-Statements). Her coaches have set a great example for her about strength and perseverance – showing her that if you work hard enough, you can achieve some amazing goals.

She is brave, strong, creative, and loving and if I can be there to cheer her on, I will. Every day.

5 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Hot One! Let’s Run For It!

  1. I, too, am very proud of Lucia for sticking with the GOTR program. I like what I have heard and read about the program. I hope she does well on the 5K! Her coaches have been stressing perseverance and strength but I personally believe that she is getting lessons everyday from her awesome mother, too. It is not everyone who could come through a week of chemo misery (understatement), put on her walking shoes and walk in the heat! I am as proud of my daughter as you are of Lucia. You go, girl!!

  2. Both of my kids and all the girls finished the whole thing in the heat! They did amazing and now are even more confident about the ‘real’ 5K. Thanks to the coaches for giving them such a great experience!

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