Vaccination Day!

Today I drive (yes, I said drive) to Stanford for my vaccine shots and to donate some blood to science. And fill out a questionnaire. And to sit and wait.

On donating blood – I haven’t been able to truly donate blood for years. Since I lived in England during the years prior to Mad Cow – they reject my blood. I’m pretty sure I never contracted the illness though. This is for blood tests and the trial, if that wasn’t obvious.

On the questionnaire – Even with my short term memory loss, I may have the thing memorized before I’m done with the trial. I understand the reasoning behind the questions, but some of them are silly and the repeated variations of the same questions don’t fool me.

On sitting and waiting – I’m going alone this time since I can drive. No one but the nurses will see me in my underpants. Sorry friends. But, I should make good progress on re-reading The Great Gatsby. I still have my copy from high school – notes in the margins at all. Those are almost as entertaining as the book itself.

The Hulk (icepacks) will be frozen and waiting for the itchiness to begin. We’ll aim for pocket height this time.



2 thoughts on “Vaccination Day!

  1. Karyn,

    I’m thinking of you! I know it’s been awhile, but if you want company, I’m free.

    I admire your strength and courage and your positive attitude. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us to help us learn and grow throughout your journey.

    All the best,

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