Hair And Itchiness Update


I got 4 inches cut off – but it’s still pretty tame (see picture below). After a little discussion, we decided the weight from a longer cut will be better until some of my shortest bits grow a little more. A 2 inch band of fuzz right in the middle takes a lot of volume away from already thin hair, so the more hair the better at the moment. It will also allow me to put it into a ponytail. I like it. I’ll go bolder next time. I may still do a streak of color, but my daughter tells me it would be too embarrassing if I chaperone her field trip with pink or purple hair. And that comment gave us clear indication that we’ve arrived at the next developmental stage in her life…the one where we’re just embarrassing. I suspect it will get worse before it gets better. Even as she gets extremely moody and figures out who she is in the world, I’ll love her with every ounce of my being. Every once in awhile, I may harmlessly embarrass her on purpose.


My vaccination appointment went well. It’s definitely more fun with company, though. The itchiness began and continued in waves throughout the weekend. The Hulk did his job commendably. Should be less itchy today. Of course, all this talk of being itchy is making me a little itchy. Apparently, I’m highly suggestible, even to myself.


Here’s the view of my monthly vaccine appointment experience.  

I hope all of my (US based) friends and family who are blessed to be mothers had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. I know I did.


3 thoughts on “Hair And Itchiness Update

  1. Your hair looks great. Summer is coming – make that appt for the bright colors for the week Lucia gets off of school. You can enjoy it all summer and either Lucia will then be use to it without embarrassment by then or you can go back to the natural. And, oh yes, you are just beginning to be an embarrassment to her ant it will increase for a number of years! 🙂

  2. You look great! Love the hair…. And your daughter will be embarrassed no matter what, so do what you like. It’s a good way to teach her that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. Hugs!

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