Something Here Is Not Quite Right

I’d say these are signs of tumor recurrence, but they’re not. It’s just stuff that happens when I’m hurrying and trying to do (and think) too many things at once.

Top 5 list of crazy things I’ve done this week:

1. Putting the Cream Cheese (vegan, of course) away in the kitchen sink.

2. Forgetting passwords that I reset (again) yesterday.

3. Washing clothes and remembering they’re still in the washer the following day.

4. Writing in shorthand (my version, of course) and then forgetting the meaning of said shorthand 3 hours later when I revisit my list.

And this one is for all of you working moms who’ve put on 2 different colored shoes in the morning and didn’t realize it until you arrived at work:

5. Putting my yoga pants on backwards and not noticing until I took them off again.  Now, in my defense here – my yoga pants are old AND I’ve lost a fair amount of weight making them kind of baggy. I think this is clearly a sign that I need new yoga pants…or I need to be less lazy when I dress to take the kids to school in the morning.

(some of the recommended Tags for this post are ‘Religion and Spirituality’, ‘Trousers’, and ‘Canada’ – all of which clearly prove my point that sometimes we just don’t know what the heck is going on and that’s ok.)

2 thoughts on “Something Here Is Not Quite Right

  1. Karyn,

    It’s called overload. Your brain is highly functioning and trying to process way too many things at once. Kind of like trying to use an Apple III to send e-mail. Sometimes it might work, sometimes not. Synaps error. I put the milk in the pantry, and I am dealing with different cancer.

    Keep the beast locked out, Karyn!!

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