NYC, Nausea, Needles

Our trip to New York was great – even with the rain and wind the first 2 days. We saw sights, visited with good friends; and we ate good food. Walks through Central Park, trips to the tops of tall buildings, seeing the life-size Lego X-wing Fighter and sleeping in were personal favorites. And then the illness began. I managed to get a stomach bug on the last night – we thought it might have been something I ate. My husband got a head cold. That will teach us to relax and have fun. I should have worn a mask and gloves the whole time. 🙂 We saw a fraction of what there is to see in the city, let alone the surrounding areas. I guess we’ll just have to go back.

My parents survived watching the kids for us – though I suspect they drove home and slept for 2 days straight.

I started my new round of chemo last night and ironically, given the tummy bug and nausea I’ve had for the last 4 days, I’m not nauseous today. But, I’ve read up on new homeopathic remedies for nausea – some of them are very odd – juicing an onion and mixing with ginger (just thinking of that one makes me ill); aniseed tea (that one’s for Kim). I’m also finding an acupuncturist who can treat nausea. I’ve done acupuncture in the past and I can’t believe that I haven’t thought about it as an option before – it would have been helpful during my 6 week non-spa treatment. During that time, I was even listening to and reading books where a main character got extreme sea-sickness that they controlled with acupuncture. So, there’s really no excuse.

My eldest is home sick today with what appears to be the same tummy bug that I got. I’m hoping that it doesn’t spread to friends and other family. Remember to wash your hands and cover your coughs!






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