The Vomitorium (WARNING: Queasiness May Occur)

Friday Fact: Contrary to what you might believe, there was no Roman room designed for the joy of vomiting – aka a Vomitorium. There WAS a part of the Roman colosseum called a vomitorium that was designed to get mass numbers of people in and out of the amphitheater quickly. I can’t say that none of those Romans ever vomited in the vomitorium, but we do know it wasn’t designed for that.

So, if not a vomitorium, we’ll simply call our house ‘the infirmary’ (my husband has suggested the ‘Castle of Puke’, but I vetoed that one.) The stomach bug I may or may not have brought home from NYC has attacked the rest of the family.

Another Friday Fact: The 24 hour stomach bug hits the 3rd, 4th, etc… harder than it hits the first person in the family.

Our eldest child got it second and bounced back like magic in less than 12 hours. Since she was the last to get it at Christmas time and was miserable the longest, I guess it’s only fair she got off easier this time around.

It hit our littlest one in the middle of the night. I won’t go into details, but he didn’t inform us he was ill and we were greeted with a mess this morning. Luckily my husband has a strong stomach and a kind heart – since he was the one to clean up. Our son is still feeling terrible and is on his second long nap of the day.

I found this blog post from 2011 that PERFECTLY describes what we’ve experienced this week. Since this bug seems to be making the rounds, I highly recommend reading it.

The Twelve* Stages of the 24hr Stomach Flu

Fingers crossed my husband’s cold is his only illness for the week, because he’d be fourth.

Personally, I’ve moved on from the stomach bug and am working diligently to fend off the chemo nausea. I lost that battle briefly, but seem to have things under control again for the moment.

5 thoughts on “The Vomitorium (WARNING: Queasiness May Occur)

  1. Not to make light of all of this, Karen. But have you considered use of the term “nausoleum”? (Oh, this is Becky, by the way!) : ) ~ Thank you for your blog … especially when you don’t feel like writing … it’s inspiring, and, well, great.

  2. Nausoleum is a generic term for everything horrible and yucky about what you all are dealing with…get over this Nausoleum soon. Love you guys!

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