Blueberries and Lego Ships

It’s day four and I seem to be managing the chemo induced nausea pretty well. It’s early in the day, though. I needed a nap yesterday and I suspect I’ll need another today. Still hoping I can get through this round without feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck.

The quarantine on the Nausoleum may be lifted today. Everyone is feeling good and seem to be back to normal. The kids are building a Lego cruise ship together with only minor bouts of bickering – mostly about lounge chairs, how many drivers are needed, and the benefits (or disadvantages) of having a helicopter on board the ship.

The blueberry bush is ready for harvesting. It’s not quite like picking blueberries in Northern Minnesota, but it’ll do. I may need to plant more bushes in my attempts to make our yard more edible.


4 thoughts on “Blueberries and Lego Ships

  1. Super cool… Blueberries and Legos.

    we had dinner with some friends last week and she decided not to join him on his trip to Europe because the blueberries are ready. Last year she wasn’t around and they were all gone on their return. Birds and neighbors also love berries, I guess.

    is this Lego cruise ship from a kit or are they making it up from existing parts? Sounds like fun. I’ve made a few time-lapse movies of the larger Lego project builds we’ve done as a family.

    • Blueberries fresh off the bush are an experience not to be missed. I’m not sure it’s worth missing a trip to Europe, though. 🙂

      Lego cruise ship was all made up – no kit for this one.

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