Today: 6/6/2013

Today is the second to last day of school. My baby graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow. My other baby will be a 5th grader.

Today everyone is feeling good – no sign of tummy bugs and chemo has ‘left the building’.

Today, my eldest pulled out her own tooth – don’t worry, it was ready to come out. Hoping that her retainer will now fit again…

Today I start a new book – I’ve just finished ‘Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight’ – and I’m looking forward to exploring all of my options and talking about them with friends.

Today I need to get some laundry done…and maybe pick up the house a bit.

Today I have officially resigned from my job after nearly 15 years at the company. No regrets.

Today I drive to Stanford to get my monthly vaccine shots. Right leg today. The Hulk(s) are frozen and ready.

Today I’ll try not to worry too much about what my MRI next Friday might show.

Today, we’ll eat a frozen treat after school, practice our breakdancing moves, and enjoy the warm weather.

4 thoughts on “Today: 6/6/2013

  1. Love this clear insight as to how you get through life with juxtaposition of the good and the not so good randomly occurring, not APPARENTLY weighted. Good luck on getting the book to press. Smiles and prayers go with you on all fronts. Keep on keeping your eyes on the blessings that are clearly interwoven with the struggles! XXXX Cousin Jill J

  2. Enjoy all of those precious milestones…….be they personal or soon to be first and 5th graders. Each is a blessing.

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