Off To A Good Start

We’ve started Summer 2013.

Here are some highlights from the first few days:

1. Neighborhood driveway/front yard party season opening night was officially declared with a music jam and a broken glass. Sorry to the neighbors who weren’t participating.

2. We’ve watched 3 movies – Holes, Hoot, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Note the literary correlation.

3. Songs have been written – solo and collaboratively. Some of them are worthy of sharing with the world. Some are not. (They’re currently working on one that involves riding a fast horse)

4. There have been at least 3 shows written and performed by the kids and their friends.

5. A monorail has been built and played with for hours on end.


6. A comprehensive, if only a little biased, list of pros and cons of dog ownership has been created. It’s a lesson in making a case, but unlikely to have a positive outcome – in spite of the enthusiasm and effort she’s putting into it.

7. Much time was spent in pajamas during daylight hours.

8. Operation ‘Sibling Summer Harmony’ began with a sibling sleepover (i.e. both kids in one room). They had a great time and so far, the harmony is holding…for now.

9. Breakfast was prepared independently – i.e. I was not a short order cook or waitress this morning.

10. There has only been minor resistance to our plans to thoroughly clean and purge bedrooms (including mine) before we do anything else. Results of this plan are definitely still pending – see photo.


This is what happens when you stop nagging a 9-year-old to clean her room. The good news is that she’s tired of the lost items and the obstacle course and is embarrassed to have friends over. She’s a lovely, creative girl…who has yet to learn that keeping it clean is way easier than cleaning THIS up. If she’s like her mother, she’ll learn some time around 44 years old and will still put it off.

It only took 2 days, some tears, some help from mom, and maybe a bribe…I mean incentive or 2, but she did it!!!


One thought on “Off To A Good Start

  1. Surely that picture of L’s bedroom is really S’s bedroom in disguise! We’ve been trying to convince her to clean her room to no avail until now. Finally, the lure of a new desk and sleepovers this summer was the tipping point 🙂 For item #6, getting a dog has been S’s primary focus this year. Virtually every dinner conversation comes back to “I really want a dog…when can we get one?”.

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