Summer 2013: Day 3

One child is losing teeth – 2 molars on one side – both of which she pulled herself. That huge gap is reminiscent of the dangers of scurvy or meth. And when did the Tooth Fairy get so flush with cash? I object on principle!

Ironically, as one child loses her baby molars, the other child’s are coming in. I’d forgotten how strange and confusing the sensation/pain of getting new teeth can be to a 6 year old.

We have 3 reasonably clean rooms – see ‘after’ picture for the most challenging room in previous post – I’m currently taking bets on how long they’ll last. Also, now the rest of the house looks like a mess. Our work here is not done.

I don’t HATE Taylor Swift, but I’d be happy not listening to her for at least a month.

Sibling Harmony has an inverse relationship with cabin fever and cleaning fatigue.

Car trouble – my car’s ‘get service soon’ light came on last week. How do I know HOW soon it needs service? Is it a ‘soon-ish’ request or is engine failure imminent?

One of the great(ish) things about a brown tabby is that there’s never a shortage of hijinx, but I’m pretty sure people are tired of me posting photos of her antics on Facebook. I’m thinking of starting a new blog – the Kaya Kronicles? Which immediately gets me singing the ‘Chronic-what-cles of Narnia’. Which makes me think we need to visit the library because my daughter really needs to read those books because they’re classics. Which makes me think about how I pay one city’s taxes while my address is another city. Which through a complicated series of opt-in and opt-out decisions between the city and county triggered the loss of my free access to the county’s public library and that makes me mad! The city library system is too spread out and they rarely have the books we go in to borrow. This causes most of our trips to the library to just end in disappointment. Wait…what was I talking about…?

One thought on “Summer 2013: Day 3

  1. LOL! Love the dump of “what’s on Karyn’s mind this morning….”

    Love the Chronicles of Narnia. Read LWW as a kid butcthe rest just a fee years ago as an adult!

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