And The Results Are In! 6/14/13

The backup for the MRI machines was extreme today. We checked in and were told they were running an hour behind. So we left to have a lovely lunch of hospital food. It wasn’t so bad. The day was warm and beautiful and I had good company.

We went back just before an hour was up and they let me know they were moving my MRI to the hospital (I was scheduled in the out-patient clinic) so that I didn’t have to wait longer. Turns out one of the perks of being in a clinical trial is that they treat you like you’re important – i.e. they’re under strict instructions to not bump my scheduled MRI like Lindsey Buckingham gets bumped EVERY time on the SNL What’s Up With That skit.

After a short walk and a short wait, I was rolled into the tube and my bad 70’s movie/video game sound effects experience began. I decided I like the low, rumbly parts the best because it almost feels like you’re in a massage chair. Almost.

All said and done, my MRI is clear. No evidence of tumor growth and there was even slight improvement in my area of focus. I now move to a 12 week MRI schedule. All good news!  Next steps are another round of chemo at the end of the month. I go in for blood work to check my platelets before that schedule sticks, though. We’re trying to get everything aligned again, which means my body and blood must cooperate.

Thanks for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and energy today. I was feeling the love for sure.


11 thoughts on “And The Results Are In! 6/14/13

  1. Yes! I’m so glad to know you could feel the prayers and positive thoughts because they were pretty constant today. Keep up the good work – it’s working. Sorry about the vaccine sticks but they are helping too.

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