Knitty McKnitterson

I have about 4 knitting projects that are sitting half finished, waiting patiently for me to be inspired to pick them up again and see them through to completion. I have about 3 more projects sitting in the back of my mind somewhere waiting to be started. This isn’t an unusual thing for knitters, I believe, especially as the weather turns warm. When it’s hot, the last thing you want on your lap is a big pile of wool. Spring/Summer hits and your thoughts turn to the beach and jaunts to the park and away from scarves, hats, or blankets.

The problem is that all of my half finished projects are for babies. Those babies have grown or are growing rapidly out of the sizes I began with the best of intentions to finish while they were still babies. Nothing is more fun than knitting for babies, but it does require some focus and planning to get the timing right. The distraction of spring/summer or chemo nausea can ruin an entire plan for baby hats, dresses, and snuggly toys. The good news is that we know a few people who are having babies – so my project have the potential for transferral. If I can focus on getting them completed before said babies are teenagers.

It’s raining today, so maybe it’s time to pick up 1 or 2 of those projects and finish them before the weather turns yet again.

If all else fails, there are a few dolls in the house with a ‘mother’ who hasn’t yet outgrown them.

(If you’re a friend and have had a baby in the last year, fear not, I also sew…a little)

One thought on “Knitty McKnitterson

  1. I hear ya! I have/had a few crochet projects that I just don’t know where I’m going with them. But I think I will donate them to the local hospital when/if I get them finished! 🙂

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