Waiting For My Toxins

Assuming my platelets are cooperating, I’ll start my next round of chemo tomorrow.

I, being forgetful (or a master procrastinator), waited until the last minute to order my refills. My particular brand of toxins have to come from a specialty pharmacy, they deliver them right to my door. They scheduled delivery for this morning. That’s how specific they get with the delivery window – ‘Tuesday morning.’  Of course, receiving my toxins requires an adult signature. So, I quickly ran my kids to camp and left a note on the door saying I’d be right back. An hour and a half later, they’re still not here. Did I miss them? They don’t leave a note like UPS. What’s their definition of morning? Will they be here before I have to go pick up my child who doesn’t want to ride the bus 45 minutes away to sit on the side of the pool in the wind and rain? What if I get in the shower and THEN they come? What if I’ve missed them? When will they come back? What if they have to come back tomorrow morning? I’ll be at Stanford visiting the vampires, peeing in a cup, and chatting with my Neuro-oncologist about my platelets and his cruise to Alaska. What will I do if I don’t get my toxins in time?!  (Run around the room in a panic waving my arms in the air)

I understand I’ve brought this on myself because I didn’t order them sooner. I don’t like generic delivery windows. I’m impatient, I don’t like waiting around…even if I was going to be home anyway.

I guess I’ll just go ahead and do some laundry.

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