All That Waiting For Nothing

Today was my pre-chemo appointment with my neuro-oncologist (NO). These appointments start with a trip to the lab to see the vampires and pee in a cup. With luck, we know my platelet count before or during my visit with my NO.

1. Being early and hydrated makes the lab visit go WAY faster.

2. No bears were sighted on Alaskan cruise. Mrs. Dr. Recht is sad.

3. My platelets are stubbornly hovering just UNDER 100 (95 specifically), which means I can’t start my chemo today.

4. We’re reducing my dosage. Yes, you guessed it – the pills I waited around for all yesterday morning are now worthless to me. Temodar comes in specific dosed sizes…none of which translate to my new dosage.  I’ll have to wait around for another delivery now.

5. I have my blood work done again next week to see if my platelets are cooperating. If they are, I’ll start after a quick weekend trip with my daughter to AZ to see some of our favorite people.

Planning beyond that is once again thwarted.

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