The Silver Lining

I know this will seem like a contradiction (you know, since I like planning ahead), but sometimes I need to find the silver lining and just go with the flow.

Since I’m not starting my chemo this week:

We get to have a spontaneous weekend getaway with good friends to one of our favorite places.

I know I’ll be clear headed and full of energy for my planned getaway with my daughter next weekend.

I enjoyed a cocktail last night. Just one.

I’ll be able to get some real exercise – not just walking up the stairs a couple of times, then needing a nap.

I will have enough energy to enjoy the 1-1 time I’ll have with my son next week while my daughter’s in camp. We may even be able to arrange a play date!

So, take that thwarted planning!

I’m trying really hard to live in the moment and squeeze as much as I can out of every day left. It can be difficult when I can’t manage to get out of my own way. Sometimes I need a little inspiration.


3 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. Oh yeah, that third one gets me every time.

    Your next week-and-a-half sounds lovely! Enjoy!

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