Tears Required

I don’t feel sad, I just feel like I need a good cry. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Must find the Hallmark channel…

This week has been incredibly emotional. Yes, there’s my own crap going on, but I don’t mean that. I said I wouldn’t do it often, and I won’t, but I’m going to delve into my left leaning political views here. If you don’t want to read about it, skip this one and come back another day.

1. Senator Wendy Davis stood and talked for 11 hours to halt a bill from being passed in Texas that would significantly limit a woman’s right to choose in that state. When she got pushed off the podium due to a technicality in the filibuster rules in the Texas Senate, her Democratic colleagues stepped in to help – specifically  Senator Leticia Van du Putte who came to the special session from her father’s funeral. When it seemed like Senator Van du Putte was getting brushed off, the hundreds of supporters in the galley kicked in and it became a ‘people’s filibuster.’ The Republicans then tried to say they completed the vote before midnight, but public records showed that to be untrue and the bill failed to pass.

I don’t think that being pro-choice means that someone is pro-abortion – I think it means that you simply believe a woman should have the right to choose what happens with her body, with her life. If the bill doesn’t pass, it doesn’t mean that every pregnancy will be aborted – it would mean that a woman would have a safe option available if she chose that option – and that choice should truly be hers and hers alone. I know this is a difficult and dividing topic and I don’t mean to debate it here. But that night was history in the making and no one can deny it.

2. The next morning, we heard the SCOTUS decision on DOMA and Prop 8. By a 5-4 margin, they ruled that the 1996 federal law denying federal benefits to same-sex spouses is unconstitutional. The decision will allow married same-sex couples in 12 states and Washington D.C. to collect federal benefits. They also ruled that the opponents of the lower court decision to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage (Prop 8 in California) had no standing to make the appeal to the 9th Circuit court – making that court’s decision null and void.

I know that this is yet another dividing topic, but there have been gay and lesbian human beings on our planet since before homosexuality was a word. It’s about time that we start treating our fellow human beings equally. The rest of the world will catch up…eventually. Love is love – and it’s highly unlikely this will trigger a cataclysmic reaction in hetero marriages (i.e. you can’t blame the gay and lesbian community for divorce…the hetero’s did that all on their own) or create a slippery slope into state approved polygamy or bi-species marriage.

It’s a step ahead, as uncomfortable as it may feel for some – just as bi-racial marriage rights did when those laws changed. It’s a historical moment for civil rights and a recognition of our ever-changing social climate.

3. Even still, we live in a world where Kim and Kanye and their baby North West…sigh…or which celebrity is wearing what or dating who or got a haircut or whether muffins or scones have more calories will get more press coverage than Senator Wendy Davis’s act of courage or Nelson Mandela’s failing health or climate change or the atrocities in Syria, Darfur and so many other places, or even the disturbing state of our education system.

4. And finally, NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan was broadcast for the last time on Thursday.

So, I feel like crying – from joy, from despair, from fear, from an overwhelming sense of victory and terrible loss and helplessness all at the same time. Not because of cancer, but from the state of our world and what it means – good and bad – for my children, their children and the generations to follow.

I’ll remember this week forever, with all of the emotions it created, for the history made and witnessed.

Now I’m going to go find a sappy movie and a puppy.

2 thoughts on “Tears Required

  1. I’m right there with you Karyn! Had to open a new box of Kleenex…. Good for you for speaking up for what you believe in.

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