Friday Morning Feelings

Feeling really glad I didn’t book a flight for first thing in the morning. My beautiful daughter and I are sitting around the table eating breakfast, playing Fashion Story, waiting for the dryer to be done so we can finish packing before heading off on our girl’s weekend.  

Feeling cool and enjoying it thoroughly before we enter the heat of the desert (where it doesn’t cool down at night like it does in N. Cali).

Feeling grateful for awesome neighbors who made (once again) a front yard party one of the funnest things ever. Be jealous, it’s ok.  

Feeling confident that the next round of chemo with my new lower dose (starting Sunday night) will be a breeze. 


2 thoughts on “Friday Morning Feelings

  1. Have a fantastic girl’s weekend! Yes, I am jealous of you neighborhood parties – great memories for you children.

  2. Hoping this round of chemo goes so very well. Can’t wait to see you and help in the ‘pampering’, if needed. Hugs & good vibes your way.

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