Living Through Chemistry

I know the phrase is ‘better living through chemistry.’ In my case, it’s just ‘living through chemistry’ since my chemistry-in-pill-form just may be the thing that’s keeping me alive…and driving…and not throwing up…and not freaking out daily with anxiety and depression. I’ve never been a huge fan of taking pills, but this week I would LOVE to add a decongestant and an allergy pill to the mix…alas, I can not. Sigh. Sniff…Aachoo!!!

Day 2 of chemo: Tired, but managing the nausea so far.

Alarms, texts, emails, a poke in the ribs from my eldest child – sometimes it takes all 4 for me to remember to take my pills. It’s not that I don’t WANT to take them, it’s simply that I still haven’t quite learned that if I don’t stop what I’m doing IMMEDIATELY and take them, I will forget. Seriously. It’s crazy.

This is a small portion of what some people take, but behold my chemistry for a 24 hour period – minus 1 or 2 more oblong yellow ones if needed (my supplements are included here, for the record, since I have to take extra B12 and zinc):



Post chemo cycle, the number of pills drops by 5 or so. I just feel grateful that there are no pain pills in this collection and that the ones here seem to be doing their job with few side effects.

A brief and not very informative history lesson: The phrase ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ is derived from the DuPont advertising slogan  “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry.” This was their slogan from 1935 through 1982, when they dropped the ‘Through Chemistry’ part. It’s also the name of the first album from Fat Boy Slim, a 2013 movie about a pharmacist, and a song by Queen’s of the Stone Age.

2 thoughts on “Living Through Chemistry

  1. Great history lesson! Yeah for pharmacists and chemists…unsung heros in this fight. Bless your loving family…how helpful they are.

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