No, I haven’t contracted something scandalous. I got my vaccine shots today (or at least my shots of what we hope is the vaccine – still a double-blind study).

The nurse argued with me about the needles…again. But she was wise enough to give my arm a little spa treatment with a warm, damp towel first to coerce my veins into submission.

It was quiet and uneventful.

Funny how spending 2 hours in a hospital bed and getting four (sometimes painful) intradermal shots in my thigh that produce intense itching for roughly 4 days can make me feel better simply because it means I’m (potentially) doing something to keep the beast locked away.

Today things got itchy almost immediately, which allowed me to experience the glove icepack – a fun little creation that tests a nurse’s (or in this case, research coordinator’s) fine motor skills.  Which is more creepy, the Hulk or the Icy Hand?


2 thoughts on “OMG! IT’S SO ITCHY!!

  1. I still get the scary hand every month for my shot. Less expensive than ice packs. Yea nurses for thinking of it. You are offering your daughter (and all who know or read your blog) yet, another gift!

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