New Life

We had a wild game of tree trimming on our block this week.  Here are the rules:

One neighbor decides to trim their trees and calls a bunch of tree guys to get quotes.  She tells us who she selected (based on price, reviews, and interviews) and we all hire him to trim our trees as well.  All in all, it’s a win-win for everyone.  He got 4 jobs in one day and we all have safer, healthier trees.  We really must bake something for the neighbor that did all the leg work for the lazy neighbors (the rest of us).

One thing about trimming trees this time of year is that there are some hazards to the wild things. We’re pretty sure the casualties were few, but there was one nest that created some buzz about what newborn squirrels can ‘eat’, where the nest should be placed to increase the chances of Mama Squirrel finding her babies, how long they could survive without her and what should be done with those babies if Mama Squirrel should not return.

Some people will find the video I’m posting below ‘freaky’ because the squirrel babies look very different from their fluffy tailed, cute grown up counterparts. I am not squeamish about naked mammal babies, however, having had some experience with raising rats. That was an unplanned adventure in rat husbandry after we found out one of my rats was not a Eugene, but a Eugenia. But I digress…

It’s not often you get to see baby wild things and we’ve had some great views into new wild life this year with finch nests, hummingbird nests, and now a recovered squirrel nest.

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