My Stupid Platelets

Well, my bone marrow hates me. It’s official.

I had my pre-chemo appointment today – saw the vampires, peed in a cup, met with my oncologist.

My platelets are at 98…2 frickin’ ‘whatevers’ off the target 100. A week ago they were 104. Under 100 means no chemo.

Now I have to test again next week.

But we’ve decided that after the next round – #6 – I’ll be done with Temodar since my body doesn’t seem to care for it. 6 months is pretty standard, apparently. The bulk of the benefit was in the initial 6 weeks of treatment, we’re told. Some people continue Temodar for 12 months, some longer, but there’s debate about how much benefit it really offers.

I have mixed feelings about this decision. On the one hand, I’ll have what will hopefully be an enormous break from filling my body with toxins. On the other hand, it’s one less thing I’m doing to keep the beast at bay. I will continue the vaccine trial, so it’s not like I’m doing nothing…but still.

And the roller coaster of emotions continues.

5 thoughts on “My Stupid Platelets

  1. I remember how scary any breaks were early on in my cancer journey. I wanted go, go, go, fight, fight, fight….but now I know that the point is to make this a marathon. And to stay alive we need to honor those blood counts’, take advantage of every break and find some value in that roller-coaster of emotions as well. Its now been 3 1/2 years for me of constant treatment (w.mandated breaks!) And I am amazingly alive and finding my marathon pacing. xoxo
    Marcy Westerling

  2. The marathon analogy is a good one! It’s amazing how re-framing your experience can alter your life experience, allowing for a little emotional downtime. Wishes that your smart nutritional, familial, and other life choices continue to build your strength (and RBC/platelets)!

  3. It’s tough to wander in this unfamiliar world of platelets, chemo and uncertainty. Even more so when it involves choices of that we don’t see the impact. After my tumour was removed I had daily radiotherapy and Temodar tablets for about a month, a month chemical holiday and then 6 months taking Temodar on the last 5 days of each month.
    When my MRI scan was clear in March it was obviously fantastic, but less clear was which intervention provided the biggest impact. Or was it simply all of the above? I don’t know. Try to stay positive, be kind to yourself and take it 1 emotion at a time.
    Good luck, Anton

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