Dog Days Of Summer

We’ve had a dog for a little over 3 weeks. Here are some highlights of our experience so far.

Dogs are hairy and they shed. Our brown couch is sad.

Dogs poo.

Dog food is kind of stinky.

Our dog likes cheese – real cheese. Yes, we buy him real cheese.

Our dog REALLY likes squirrels. He’s just discovered our backyard is a squirrel highway. One of the few times he barks is when he sees a squirrel.

Our dog likes to go for walks – aka squirrel hunting.

A boy and his dog - squirrel hunting

A boy and his dog – squirrel hunting

Our dog is VERY tolerant of children who want to cuddle him and dress him in ties.

Ready for his business meetings for the day

Ready for his business meetings for the day

Our dog is allergic and itchy and gets red eyes.

Our dog likes to have something to do when he’s not sound asleep. This is how you keep a Jack Russell busy for 15 seconds or so.

Our dog is learning to sit, lay down, stay, and leave it.

A boy's love note to his dog

A boy’s love note to his dog

Dog free parks suck for dogs and their kids

Dog free parks suck for dogs and their kids

Next we try camping with a dog who goes cuckoo for squirrels. Wish us luck.

5 thoughts on “Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Squirrel hunting…sounds familiar. Fortunately, for all concerned, there are trees.
    About the allergies, and this should sound familiar, you can isolate grains and or proteins to find the culprit(s). You might appreciate that our dog is vegan (allergic to all animal proteins). My husband doesn’t believe it, being that somehow she descended from wolves and all. I say it goes with her independent nature…let them eat their bloody kill, I’ll just snack on these berries over here and bark at squirrels!

    • How long did you have to keep her on isolated diets to figure out the trigger? And yes, I DO appreciate that she’s vegan. 🙂 Tell Ed he should try it some time.

  2. For the itching, if it has anything to do with fleas, I just found this site with some good info:

    My dog has been itching like crazy. I give him Benadryl and it helps a lot. You can find doggie Benadryl at pet stores so that you give the right dosage. That is a temporary fix until his diet can take over on making his itching go away. Hope everyone else in the family is well!

  3. Dogs are the best. They are all of the above and so much more. Our 2 Vizslas keep us very busy, but they are so loving and loveable that you have constant high energy therapy sessions when they are around.
    Apart from being great squirrel detectors, dogs also have well-developed pre-frontal cortexes that account for about 7% of the total cortex. This is in comparison to 29% in us humans and 3.5% in cats!

  4. Reading your story is a mirror image of my own. It is strange to hear something I know so well from someone else. Good luck on your upcoming treatments! hurray (kinda) for great cell counts.

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