My Mundane Life

If Us Magazine had a section called ‘Cancer Fighters, They’re Just Like You!’, I might be photographed doing one of the following:

1. Dropping my kids off at school, pre-shower, wearing a baseball hat and yoga pants.

2. Picking up my dog’s poo on a walk (known to said dog as a ‘squirrel hunt’).

3. Wearing rubber gloves to clean the mildew from the gasket of my front-loading washer with bleach solution.

4. Shopping for food at the grocery store (GASP!)

5. Managing an over-tired child’s meltdown about something that surely no Cancer-Free Parent’s child has ever melted down about…such as whether it was really fair that his sister got half of a donut at school in her class, but HE didn’t.

Tomorrow, I may be spotted getting my car’s smog check (with fingers crossed) or buying laundry soap at Target.

Some days are just this delightfully mundane in the lives of Cancer Fighters.

(For those of you who read more intellectual magazines, haven’t been in a waiting room in years, or aren’t in the States, here’s an example of what I’m referring to: Stars Are Just Like Us)

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