The Downside of Stopping Chemo

I’ve had my last round of chemo (for now) and I’ve talked about why that’s a good thing, but I realized there may be a downside to it – aside from the obvious anxiety of my tumor coming back – which, let’s face it is there with or without chemo.

Here are my top 5 reasons stopping chemo is a bad thing:

5. I may no longer have an excuse for not cleaning the litter box (and I probably shouldn’t have just admitted that.)

4. I can’t use ‘I’m on day 4 (5, 6…) of chemo’ as a reason to leave the room and take a nap.

3. I will have roughly one less trip up the beautiful 280 freeway per month and will, as a result, see fewer deer and running cows.

2. My reasons for buying frozen vegan enchiladas for ‘easy comfort food’ because I’m tired/nauseous will be over. Now if I buy them, I’m just lazy.

1. My psoriasis will come back in full force. I will again leave a trail of flakes behind me as I leave the room. Shampoo rotation is now in full effect (dandruff shampoo doesn’t understand my problems – so don’t bother suggesting it.)

the_breakfast_club_timedandruff snow


5 thoughts on “The Downside of Stopping Chemo

  1. Karyn dearest, there is an actual medical condition called “recovering from chemo”. It won’t help the dandruff, but it will serve as a reason to keep on napping, buying easy dinners, etc. Believe me, it takes a long time to get chemo out of your system, so you can probably get a year out of this.

    Just saying…I’ve used this myself…not as an excuse, but because it was actually true. Very hard to think, tired, easily distracted, okay not tired EXHAUSTED, irritable, can’t sleep, etc….

  2. I 2nd the notion that napping and easy dinners should be continued! Practice makes perfect and if you set your goals high I have every confidence you can achieve them. 4or 5 naps a week? You can do this! Only cooking twice a week? Tough but with dedication it can be done! I believe in you!
    I always say that people who say they can’t sleep in, that they just wake up early, are quitters. They are just not trying hard enough!

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