We’re Walkin’ Here!!

I thought I better write about something non-brain cancer related lest you all think it’s taking over the rest of my life given my latest writing.

Since I’m not driving and scooters are exhausting after more than a couple blocks, we’ve been walking home from school. There has been only minor whining from the kids – mostly about how heavy their backpacks are or the weather (which is perfect). But I love these walks home and we’ll continue to walk home until the weather turns ugly. Then we’ll adjust.

The dog gets a nice long walk and IF we see any squirrels, he’s as happy as a squirrel loving/hating dog can be.

My son and I love stepping on the fall leaves to hear them crunch. We can count all of the different colors falling to the ground and discuss which ones make the best crunching sound. If you’ve never taken a walk and stepped on the fall leaves, I highly suggest it. That crunching sound is very satisfying.

My daughter tells me all about her day in much greater detail than ‘it was good.’ I get to hear the latest escapades and social drama in the fifth grade set. Occasionally, I get to hear the latest story she’s made up or an idea she’s got stewing in her head.

I get my exercise (two miles round trip) and fresh air for the day. I’m reminded that I’m alive and doing well. It gives me time to forget about my brain and focus on the beauty of fall.

Most importantly it’s one mile of greatness with my children every day.


6 thoughts on “We’re Walkin’ Here!!

  1. Love it!
    Can’t wait for my running injuries to get better in order to hit the road again. Not only great stress release, but I 100% agree on the life affirming bit!
    PS I am a great fan on the orange autumn leaves.

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