Silicon Valley Brain Tumor Walk 2013

Part of our team for the walk

Part of our team for the walk

We participated in the first Silicon Valley Brain Tumor Walk for the National Brain Tumor Society on Saturday. Previously, there were bike rides to raise funds and awareness in the area – which may be fun, unless you’re a brain tumor survivor and have balance issues that prevent you from riding a bike. Then it’s not so awesome.

It was a beautiful N. California day – cold morning with sunshine and a rapid ramp to warmth and even more sunshine. The layers were shed quickly as we walked the 5K through downtown San Jose. Our route on one block met the Breast Cancer walk happening at the same time. We walked on opposite sides of the street and were only mildly confused about the coincidental convergence of our causes (how’s that for some alliteration and $20 words?!)

Team EveryDayLeft Right Left… had roughly 42+ participants – family, friends, and canine companions. It was amazing to have such support and love not only for me, my husband and children, but for the fight against brain tumors. Many generous people weren’t able to join us on the walk, but we felt and appreciate their support from afar.   There were over 450 participants at the event and an impressive number of volunteers. Not bad for the first walk in Silicon Valley. The activity and cacophony of conversations were a little overwhelming for me, so I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I had hoped. Smaller, quieter space for survivors to meet and chat might be nice for next year.

I was asked to speak about my experience and many who were not able to make the walk have asked to see the video. So by popular-ish demand (and perhaps with a little more than some reluctance on my part) here you go (oh, and I’m not trying to hide with my hat and glasses, it was just very bright):

My bad joke: I got brain cancer and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

My bad joke: I got brain cancer and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

7 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Brain Tumor Walk 2013

  1. So appreciative for the time and donations everyone gave for this cause. Proud of you, Karyn! I was house hunting with my son who will be re-assigned to his permanent location rather than the training location he is at right now. It wiped me out! I can only imagine how you feel!!

  2. …and another grown man privately wipes away tears. Karyn, I am so proud if you, Todd and Chris, and your entire support system. We would have loved to join you in your walk, but know that in my busy Saturday I thought of you at least a dozen times (true story). I’m glad they asked you to speak, because you have so much to share, and I’m thankful someone recorded it for those of us who couldn’t make it. Thank you for continuing to share. We love you and your family!
    Craig, Mickie, Marley and Lennon

  3. Amazing how you have maintained your inner strength and courage , I’ve read the updates from your brother in law Chris Wilder and you inspire .. Be strong and continue the fight ! Maritza

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