MRI #2, This One Was For Science

Some of you knew that I was having an MRI yesterday. My last was 4 weeks ago. This one was required for the vaccine trial…that’s all.

I had switched back to an 8 week cycle for my anxiety. Between the visits for MRIs and vaccines, I’ve seen my neuro-oncologist more often than I’ve seen some of my closest friends. I’ve also had appointments with cutaneous oncology and a rheumatologist. Those last two for my psoriasis – which flared after I stopped my chemotherapy. So, for those of you who wonder if chemo helps reduce symptoms of psoriasis, my answer would be yes.

I almost think that since there’s nothing interesting going on with my brain at the moment, they feel the need to find other things to focus on. While I do have other health issues, they are very minor in comparison to brain cancer. Everything else can be solved with a little topical creams and a good chiropractor. Now that they know that, I’m hoping they give up the search.

But anyhoo, I had another MRI and nothing has changed since my last MRI 4 weeks ago. BUT it was at 7am. This is way too early for me and most people I know. Luckily I found a ride (thank you!) and started my day with a nap in a tube that made Atari ‘video game’ noises.

My next appointment was at 1pm. So, I spent my day trying to stay warm at the Stanford mall – an outdoor mall configured in such a way that the freezing winds blow powerfully at you from all angles. I thought maybe I’d get some Christmas shopping done. I sat in Starbucks to stay warm while waiting for stores to open and the reality of having carry any presents around for the rest of the day occurred to me. Ultimately, I did VERY little buying and a lot of browsing – mostly just to get out of the icy cold wind and avoid sitting in the Cancer Center for hours.

It all made for a very unexciting and long, cold day. Needless to say I’m going to go back to a 12 week MRI schedule. My neuro-oncologist has better things to do with his time and so do I.

4 thoughts on “MRI #2, This One Was For Science

  1. It’s so good to hear that your brain is behaving itself and so shall it carry on that way!!! I felt your “pain” re hanging around at the Mall and the thought of carrying all the packages around with you. I HATE HATE HATE Malls….I suppose Stanford is one of the better ones but still…. I’ve solved my Christmas present shopping trauma however. Last year and this, I’ve bought everything online. It’s brilliant. Todd may or may not have mentioned that I’m English so I have to buy a bunch of gifts that would normally need shipping overseas which often costs more than the gift! I solved that too by going to the UK websites ( is a good one and buy from there. I have to pay in £ sterling but luckily the conversion rate is pretty favourable for me. I’m also charged a foreign transaction fee on my credit card (those robbers!!!) but it’s all worth it and works well.

    Not sure if Todd also mentioned that I would love to help you out and be on your designated driver list. I had knee replacement surgery in the summer and couldn’t drive for 3 weeks. THAT drove me nuts so I can only imagine what an utter nuisance it is for you. So please bear me in mind. It would be fun to meet you in person. I feel I already know you from reading all your blogs!


    • I avoid malls like prisons. But a mall at opening time mid-week is tolerable if you have a few hours to kill. Amazon Prime is my friend. I love to support small businesses, but sometimes letting the big box guys deliver things to my door (or someone else’s) is just necessary for holiday survival.

      I only have a few more weeks of not driving, but I’ve got you on the list of potential chauffeurs! Thanks!

  2. No news/great news! Ahh, those days lost to apptmnts that aren’t exactly back-to-back. Browse and order online…unless they are local, which usually aren’t found at malls anyway! Again, please feel to reach out for a ride/visit. Sending positive thought vibes often.

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