It’s Official, There’s a Drought

(This post has nothing to do with Brain Tumors/Cancer)

It’s strange that while the Midwest and East coast are fighting blizzards and many feet of snow, we’ve declared a drought here in California. We’ve had so little rain this year, that we’re in danger of running out completely. Well, ok, that’s an exaggeration for now, but you get my point.

Voluntary rationing has begun. We have to explain to our children what that means and get them thinking about ideas to use less water to help the idea really sink in. Here are some things you Californians can do:

  • Turn off your sprinklers – seriously think about growing food, not lawns
  • Put buckets in your showers to capture some of that water
  • Turn off the shower/faucet while you soap up or brush your teeth
  • Bathe once a week…ok, try every other day
  • Wash your dishes without running water the whole time.
  • Don’t worry about getting your dishes super clean before you put them in the dishwasher – theoretically, the dishwasher should do that for you.
  • Always do a full load when you run your dishwasher or washing machine. If you have children, look for the clothes, likely still folded from earlier washing cycles and make them put said clothes away, as they should have in the first place.
  • Capture the water that’s draining from the washing machine in a trash can.
  • Don’t wash your cars
  • Use all of that water you’ve captured to water any plants – you will be amazed how much there will be.

These are some of the ideas we’ve read about and came up with for our list. Does anyone have any more?

We’ll hope that the corporations and manufacturers don’t ramp up their water usage before the rationing becomes mandatory. For the central valley farmers, lets allow some of that water to flow their way – we’d really like to continue to eat.

One of the side benefits of a drought is that we’re having spring/summer like weather (after the very cold mornings wear off.) While it’s wonderful to sit outside and soak up the heat while you listen to the ice cream trucks driving around the neighborhood, I think it’s generally agreed upon that we’d rather have some rain. That’s especially true of the die-hard skiers and snow boarders who are being deprived of their usual powdery conditions. We’ll commence our collective rain dances immediately.

4 thoughts on “It’s Official, There’s a Drought

  1. As a practice we collect grey water from the washing machine and flush our toilet with it. In fact we don’t always flush our toilet each time out. If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down. Say that five times fast. Same thing with the shower water as it collects. Let your lawns go dormant, they’ll survive until the next spring rain. Way to inspire people Karyn, and not just to conserve water. 😉

  2. We do a modified version of the shower thing. Bucket in the shower to collect the water while its warming up. Turn off the shower, remove the bucket (because at that point its all clean, non-soapy water). Take shower. After shower, take bucket of clean water and pour into washing machine for use washing clothes in a cold-water load. Works great and its really very little trouble. We’ve been on Stage 2 watering restrictions since 2012, so we’ve been doing it the whole time since then, its more or less become a habit. We use a 5 gallon bucket and it fills about 1/2 to 3/4 full each shower, so it doesn’t seem like much, but 2.5 here, 3 there – it adds up 🙂
    Another thing we do – on a really small scale – is since the whole family are big water drinkers, anytime someone doesn’t finish a glass of water, or we find a half-consumed bottle of water in the car or in one of the kid’s backpacks, we pour the unfinished bit into a watering can or jug instead of down the sink. Then we use that watering can to water our potted plants and/or landscape plants. Small changes, but better than none.

  3. This is probably TMI (sorry), but after being motivated to be more mindful of my water usage after reading this post, I have been following the “if it’s yellow leave it mellow” adage. 🙂

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