My Absence Explained

Some people have been asking why I’ve not written any posts recently, so I thought I’d give you a quick picture into my recent activities. It’s not particularly exciting I’m afraid. I was being a mom, with just a smattering of Brain Cancer.

I went on a field trip with my son’s class to a very cool place at the University of California Santa Cruz. It’s called the Life Lab and they learned about leaves, held chickens and warm eggs, and explored to find different kind of roots. It was pretty awesome and they had a great time. Because it was a pre-defined agenda for first graders, it was a little frustrating for me because I was finding things off of that agenda and I couldn’t use my discoveries as teachable moments. I found bugs, cool remains of some plant – you know, like when it’s just a skeleton left behind, an incredible view of the ocean, a bird’s nest and a few other things. I couldn’t interrupt the UCSC student’s planned schedule of discovery. So many missed moments – but maybe that’s just the previous educator in me.  I’ll have to take my kids back some day and explore more freely.

Other than that we’ve gone swimming, cleaned rooms, sorted Lego collections, walked the dog, supervised and supported a science project, hung out with friends and our awesome neighbors, volunteered in the school library, planned part of a summer trip, and other lovely, daily life activities. I’ve had a great time playing with the younger siblings of the girls in our school’s Girls on the Run team during practice. I attempted to fix a broken dryer – unsuccessfully – making us Wilders without clean underpants. I fixed a broken car – though to be honest, it wasn’t very hard – I pushed the connector to the negative thingie on the battery back down after it popped up. I went to a fundraising event for the Valley Medical Center Foundation where my brother-in-law is the Executive Director. He knows EVERYONE – it’s amazing to see him work a room and explain the value of the VMC to our community. My husband was a ‘celebrity bartender’ at the event. It was a great success and if you like wine, you should go to Facebook and like his page Wilder on Wine. He’s funny, knowledgable, likes affordable wines, and is incredibly handsome. And yes, this is a shameless promotion.

On the Brain Cancer front, I’ve had another round of vaccine shots. I was invited to be a part of 2 panels for Clinical Trial Awareness Week at Stanford. It’s interesting to see how different each trial is in terms of what’s being targeted, how is the drug supposed to work, how it’s administered, etc. For example, one panelist talked about spending 12 hours receiving infusions (with some breaks). Some people have to drive great distances to get their treatments. It takes me 20 minutes to get to Stanford and I spend about an hour and a half at the Center for Translational Medicine and then I’m on my way home to dig an ice pack out of the freezer. Again, I’ve been pretty lucky.

So now you know. I’m healthy, busy, and enjoying my between days. Now I’m off to start digging in the garden.

5 thoughts on “My Absence Explained

  1. Hi Karyn! I”m so happy you’re doing well! I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are. Will you be walking in the Brain Tumor Awareness walk in Golden Gate Park this Saturday, May 3rd? I’ll be walking with Cheryl Broyles team, Survive and Thrive. My husband’s company has transferred to Arizona, so we will be moving in June. I’ve only lived in California my whole life. I’m having a hard time dealing with that and I’m mentally tired, but I’m still standing on my own two feet. 🙂

  2. Karyn,
    Sounds like a full, normal life!
    I relate to your frustrations during the field trip! It is SOOO difficult to pass up those teaching moments when someone else is doing the leading. Go back and enjoy it your way one day soon.

  3. We at Girls on the Run so appreciate your “homework club” with the other siblings while the girls practice and coaches coach!

  4. You’ve been busy living life – as it should be. The highlight (for me) while attending the VMC wine tasting event was having the opportunity to finally meet you, talk gardening (I’ve never known anyone who grew wheat grass!) & other silly everyday things. Because really, those everyday things are what life is all about. Keep enjoying. And again, it was such a pleasure meeting you.

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