Attack Of The Killer Cells!

It’s a little like the Body Snatchers. We look a lot like we used to, but something is off. We have begun fighting our own bodies. We are being attacked by killer cells! Some of those killer cells are defeated, some are just put into hibernation temporarily and they return again and again. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but the fight goes on.

What helps with this fight is funding research, treatment options, and advocacy. The National Brain Tumor Society is one of those organizations that helps us with that fight. They are working hard every day to get us beyond ‘extended survival rates’ to ‘a cure’.

On September 27 I, my family, and many of our friends will be walking in the Silicon Valley Brain Tumor Walk. I invite you to join the team (EveryDayLeft Right Left – get it? Cuz it’s marching?) if you’re local, and donate to the team if you’re on this planet. Help us spread the word and do our part to raise awareness and offer some hope to those fighting brain tumors that someone is working toward a cure.

If you donate and would like to do it in honor of a loved one or friend, add it to the notes and we’ll carry signs on your behalf. We do this not only for ourselves but all of the other people in the world who have been impacted by brain tumors.

If you’d like to join the team, register and set a fundraising goal for yourself (or set your goal at whatever donation you make yourself.)

Team EveryDayLeft Right Left

Thank you!


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