It’s back!

Karyn wrote the headline to this post but, with her permission, this is her husband here to update you on the latest developments. 

Since her last post there was another seizure and another MRI. The results of the latter showed the mass we had been tracking had grown significantly. “It’s time to make some decisions,” said her rockstar neuro-oncologist. After talking about options, Karyn decided to have a second surgery. 

Everything has moved along very quickly, and that surgery is happening today. Right now. It’s being performed by the same rockstar neurosurgeon that did her first procedure in October 2012. (Noticing a theme here? Lot’s of rock stars in Karyn’s corner.)

Karyn is displaying her regularly large amount of legendary badassary, and we expect the surgery to be another smashing success.

If I may take a liberty, I’d like to share just how much you, her EveryDayLeft community means to her. I’m sure “community” is too informal, and that she’d prefer “friends.” Through your comments on posts and your own writings (for those who have blogs), she has learned a lot, felt a lot of love and gained immeasurable support. 

Reading what you share, it’s clear she means a lot to you, too. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on her progress.

22 thoughts on “It’s back!

  1. Oh wow – crying because I hate to think of you and your family going through this, Karyn; and smiling because I can just see you blasting your way forward in a huge success. And sending you so much love, strength and courage – as if you need any more of these – LOL! Do let us know how we can help, please?

  2. Thanks for this update. She’s a total badass, and so happy she’s got the best of the best on her side. We are sending good thoughts and energy to her right now for a speedy recovery!!

  3. Always in our thoughts and prayers Karyn…especially today. Looking forward to the rockstar recovery progress starting today!!

  4. Spidey, Our love and support go to Karyn, you and your family. Another opportunity for Karyn to show how much tougher she is than the Beast. Love and Positivity!

  5. Thanks Todd for the update. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers through this. She’s so strong-willed that I have tremendous faith.

  6. Thanks, Todd! She’s in our prayers up here as are you and the kids. Blessings. May you be held as you celebrate every day left to the fullest possible extent!!! Love and hugs. Jill J

    • I should add that she was in good spirits up to going in. She made a joke about the completely unsupportable rug one of the Hospital staff members had on his head.

      Always a good sign.

  7. Dearest Karyn and family: Both David Guard and Tom Johnson wanted to let you know that they have been thinking of you lately, very fondly, and that they send their best wishes to you. So while you may be “gone” you ate not forgotten by your Cisco workmates! Trusting you will feel better soon, dear one….

  8. Karyn, Todd and family, your strength is supported by all of our thoughts and prayers. You’re amazing and you are loved.

  9. Todd Thanks for keeping Karyn’s concerned friends up to date. Thought and prayers winging your way from all of us. Diane

  10. Many thanks for the update Todd.
    I have truly been touched by Karyn’s bravery and her inspired posts, feeling that I have travelled with her through several highs and lows. As always I will keep her as well as her family in my heart and thoughts.
    Wishing her a speedy recovery, knowing that she is in good rock star hands and surrounded by love and caring friends and family.

  11. Tom Johnson, David Guard and I are so happy to hear of this excellent outcome. Of course, as her co-workers from Cisco, we are used to Karyn’s excellent achievements.

    Tuesday, my husband Daryl and I were camping in Valley of the Rogue state park in Oregon. While walking the greenway, we found a liitle area with maybe a dozen cairns (stacks of rock with spiritual or guiding significance). We were moved to build one, which we called “The cairn of caring for Karyn”. Only now did I connect to why I was mo

    • Only now did connect to why I was moved to do this. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go, Karyn! Thanks for once sgain being my hero. I love you!!!

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