The ICU Hotel: A Good Place for a Bad Night’s Sleep

Husband reporter back at ya. Karyn’s night in the ICU went very well. She is, to the surprise of absolutely no one who knows her, crushing it. She’s speaking, moving all four limbs and the fingers & toes attached to them. Everything you want to see post-craniotomy. This morning the question, “How are you feeling?” was answered with, “Hungry.” A great sign. 

In fact, she’s doing so well that she’s scheduled to leave ICU as soon as a room opens up. That’s ideal for a few reasons, not the least of which being she will get better sleep. The ICU room’s revolving door of amazing nurses, doctors and more nurses all doing neuro checks or taking vitals means little of that rest they keep saying is so important. 

One nice anecdote to share: the nurse was very respectful of Karyn’s awesome “Sisu” tattoo when putting in her line (one of three). No damage done to the art work!


8 thoughts on “The ICU Hotel: A Good Place for a Bad Night’s Sleep

  1. Todd-I follow Karyn’s comments as much as I can. Now, I know that behind every great woman stands a great man! Blessings to you-the husband, the father, the son, Karyn’s advocate, the researcher, the warrior battling for life, the glue to all of those around you, the keeper and builder of positive morale and confidence, the manager, and the man who keeps it all together in all the territories that you now inhabit. You are not alone.
    Bless you, brother, for your strength and for everything that you are and everything that you do both known and unknown.

  2. So thankful the surgery went well and that Karyn is hungry! Too bad she won’t think the food is excellent – someone needs to get her something she can savor and enjoy. Each day will be better than the last. Love and hugs to all the Wilder’s.

  3. You are amazing Karyn, keep up the badassary – we’re all right here sending you all the positivity we can muster. stay strong momma!

  4. Such wonderful news! I’m keeping the prayers for all of you going. I hope you are able to rest somewhere in there and that you have folks looking out for you as well. We are all cheering Karyn on!

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