Back Under the Knife, or Needle

Husband reporter back with a much overdue post. Many of you have been asking how Karyn is doing, and longing for an update on her progress. You’re nice and thoughtful like that. The plan was that she would update you herself in her normal eloquent fashion.

While waiting for her to tell you in her own words, she lost those words.

Post surgery, Karyn was doing amazingly well (well, not really “amazing” when you consider it’s Karyn we’re talking about). Then, as she was getting stronger, speaking became difficult. It was gradual, but she soon wasn’t able to say more than a couple words before those words simply wouldn’t come out. Unfortunately, this also made writing, typing and even reading difficult-to-impossible. 

The logical explanation, and the one we set out to treat, was this was caused by post-surgical inflammation. Karyn’s steroid (anti-inflmamatory) dose was increased and we all figured language faculties would quickly return to normal. They did not. 

Karyn needs to have another surgery. Her language issues are, according to yesterday’s MRI, being caused by a build up of undetermined fluid in the brain. The doctors say it’s unlikely that it’s blood, and it’s not consistent with tumor, which is good news. It could be fluid from an infection, and she’s not presenting with a fever or other symptoms because steroids and possibly her past vaccine trials have caused her immune system to respond “asymptomatically.” 

The plan is to insert a needle, remove as much of that fluid as they can and then test it. Regardless of what it is, it has to come out. 

We’ll go in later tonight for a pre-op meeting. Even though “draining fluid” sounds easy, it’s still surgery when you’re going into the skull and that requires anesthesia and all the trimmings. Surgery will be tomorrow, but the time isn’t yet set as she’s on a wait list.

As we wait, we’ll take whatever positive thoughts, love and support you have lying around.

Thanks and love, Todd

17 thoughts on “Back Under the Knife, or Needle

  1. Sorry for the bad word… but… Oh, shit! 😮 I am very sorry to hear her ordeal goes to yet another level. I am happy to aid in support in any way. And she’s had excellent results from the past 2 surgery’s, my prayers are for the needle to work!

  2. Every positive thought imaginable and all my love coming your way. Tell your friend, Frank, my “bad word” was a lot worse than his.

  3. All good, all love, all hope and hugs surrounding you and your family – much love and respect, carolyn

  4. Love, hugs, prayers, positive thoughts, and good luck wishes. I am so saddened and angry to hear that Karyn has to go through even more.

  5. Dear Karyn, Todd and family, All our strength and prayers are with you tonight more than ever.  May god protect Karyn and guide the hands of the amazing doctors who care for her.  Much love, Patty, Fred and all the rest.

  6. You definitely have the family gift for telling a sad tale with much grace and finess! Can’t imagine how difficult it would be a wordmaster like Karyn to be unable to produce them. Nice she had you to substitute and definitely praying for her and all of you every time God calls her to mind! Much love. The Jurvelins in Idaho

  7. Thanks for the update. I can’t imagine how tough this is on you, Todd, as the father, husband, son, and main news giver, providing these updates over and over again to people you run into. We are all pulling for Karyn, praying for your family and for the skilled doctors and nurses taking care of her. I’d be happy to support your family in whatever way possible. I have two small girls that would love to have two older kids to play with–name the date and time and we’ll come pick them up. Until then, we’re sending positivie thoughts and energy for a successful surgery and recovery.

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