She Walks! She Talks!

“ICU? We don’t need no stinking ICU!”

Karyn did indeed go right into a “normal” recovery room after surgery. She’s now all set up and and her vitals look great. She’s resting and can eat a regular diet as soon as the post-anesthesia nausea settles down.

But the big news: She’s talking!

She’s tired, and just a little loopy thanks to pain meds, but able to say anything she wants. Like a boss. After about every fourth sentence she adds, “I can talk, I can talk!” The relief she feels fills the room.

She also got up and walked. It was just a few feet to the next door, but it was absolutely no problem. All this points to an early dismissal. I’m not sure how early, and we know from last time that being told you can go sometimes leads to a looooong wait before discharge paperwork is finished, but I remain hopeful.

I also remain grateful to all y’all for your love and support. Thank you, thank you!


21 thoughts on “She Walks! She Talks!

  1. Hallelujah…Karyn is one formidable dame!!! Continued prayers and looking forward to reading more from Karyn as she recovers from this latest hurdle.  xoxo Patty and all

  2. I just cannot stop smiling – this is just amazing news! So happy it is all looking good, you fabulous woman you!

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