She’s In

After a night in the hospital including blood work, chest x-rays, regular vital sign checks and everythung else needed pre-surgery besides a few hours of sleep, Karyn went into the OR at 7:15 a.m.

The surgeon is exoecting it will be quicker and less invasive than her previous procedures. There’s even a chance of not removing the bone plate and instead sliding the needle in through a small space between that plate and the rest of the skull around it. If that can be done, and if there’s no infection found, this will be a walk in the park, neurosurgerly speaking.

I’ll keep you updated best I can, but it will likely be a few hours. Anesthesia alone takes a while, and I’m OK with the surgeon taking all the time he wants. 

Thanks and love, Todd (husband reporter)

7 thoughts on “She’s In

  1. Love and prayers to you all. I know firsthand how awesome that neurosurgeon is and Karyn could not be in better hands. I also know firsthand how medical setbacks can derail momentum for everyone. You all have amazing attitude and ‘fight’.
    If you ever feel you want a place to stay near Stanford, I have a few spots and can help make arrangements. Hugs!

  2. Between her rockstar husband and her rockstar neurosurgeon, Karyn is in the best hands possible. She’s gonna do great. Sending massive love vibes your way!

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