She’s Out

Well that was the quick surgery and surgeon report we were hoping for.

I just spoke with the doc who said they were able to remove the fluid by making a very small hole in the skull and inserting a needle to draw it out. The hole is about the diameter of a pencil eraser, and the incision was much smaller than the last one: about two inches long. 

More good news: The initial look at the fluid, of which there was a lot, says it’s clear with a little old blood in it. No new bleeding and no obvious sign of infection. It’s what’s called a seroma and it can happen after surgery where, for some reason, the body doesn’t reabsorb the clear blood plasma that seeps out when small blood vessels are ruptured during a procedure.

Because it’s not known why it wasn’t absorbed the first time, there’s a chance it could happen again. But, there’s also no reason to expect it will.

The surgeon said language could be better soon, or take time. It could even get worse before it gets better. Such are the mysteries of the human brain. I haven’t seen Karyn yet, so nothing to report on that front. 

But, unknowns aside, this is all very positive, happy stuff coming out of the OR. She may even skip the ICU and go straight to a recovery room. Smile, breathe and repeat.

Thanks and love, Todd

12 thoughts on “She’s Out

  1. Thank you for the continued updates. You are on our hearts. Wish I could help more, but from past experience you are fighters and winners!

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