Progress Report: 7-29-15

I had an MRI last Wednesday to see how my brain was progressing after 3 Avastin infusions and 2 rounds of Chemo.

We honestly didn’t expect a whole lot. Given my challenges in the last few months, we expected some minor improvement if anything. Realism.

I went in for my MRI at the unreasonable hour of 7am. It was early enough to impose an MRI nap, which was nice. I had to convince the techs that this was NOT my first MRI, I knew what to do and how to prepare for the experience. I should make a t-shirt that says ‘This is NOT my first MRI’ so they know.

My appointment with my neuro-oncologist was at 11:00, giving me plenty of time to read and overhear a conversation someone was having with a friend about the importance of paying child support for the sake of your future relationships with your kids. I wasn’t eaves dropping, he talked quite loudly close to where I was reading.

When my appointment came around, the nurse practitioner came in and announced that she couldn’t wait to show us my MRI. This is weird because she doesn’t normally do this, but she was grinning ear to ear, so either it was good news or some alien had developed in my brain hole.

Turns out my results have been pretty spectacular. The neuro-oncologist was impressed, the NP was impressed, we were impressed (mostly because they were). Everyone was impressed. We even celebrated with our neighbors and family somehow when we got home.

The thing about getting good news like this is that it sends you into an upward spiral, putting you into a position where you wait for the next piece of bad news. Think roller coaster emotions. My husband and I discussed the phenomenon of depression that follows the good news shock. Seems ridiculous, but it exists. Its like waiting for ‘when the next shoe will drop’. We don’t mis-appreciate this good news, don’t get me wrong, I think the mixed emotions are just a part of the roller coaster effects of fighting a typically terminal brain tumor. After the last few months of ups and downs, I think the unexpected feelings are natural.

I’ll wait until my next MRI to feel truly impressed. Optimism.

12 thoughts on “Progress Report: 7-29-15

  1. I’m just flooded with optimism myself, reading this! Yay for you Karyn! May the news continue to be good, and the smiles continue to come. (I can’t wipe the one off my face, right now!)

  2. Congratulations! I wonder where the phrase ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ came from anyways? I hate that feeling too.

  3. Hi Karyn, Todd & kids, this is GREAT news! As we go through life we’re told “Don’t let your high’s be too high or your low’s be too low” keep an even keel.
    So, regardless of the depression that we know will eventually come, you MUST celebrate every one of life’s victories and life’s moments for without celebration and victory life would be a most dismal proposition. Today, jump up and down, hoot and holler with all of your friends and family, make it a GRAND CELEBRATION, tomorrow is another day and another battle! Maybe another victory or not, we don’t know the future, only today! Today, your still here and still fighting, keep up the fight. Your friend, DaveJ

  4. Karyn,

    Fantastic news! I certainly understand your caution in your optimism. One day at a time – go celebrate each of those good days. Love, prayers, hugs, whatever works! You are amazing in your strength.


  5. You have nailed that entirely. Happy for the great news, jumping for joy with that one shoulder hunched, waiting for the other shoe…. You continue to set and raise the bar for your fierce resilience, your incredible spirit and your remarkable grace at all times.

  6. Cheers and halleluia! The reality right now is sure worth celebrating!! May the joy of the moment bring supernatural peace to replace our ever so human response. I’m thinking we lose that peace when we start speculating about all the “might be’s”. I believe God graces us/equips us – as we see in your resilience – to deal with “what is”, even though doesn’t take responsibility to deal with all the “might be’s” we sik on ourselves. Love, hugs and peace. Celebrating with you up here in Idaho. You’ve clearly much left on God’s “to do” list for you and yours…..

  7. I’ll see my second post surgery in a couple of weeks. Immediate post (second) surgery was good, though it’s still taking a while to get over the brain attack. Fortunately, I find think, talking, and writing in better shape that physical effort.

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