Radioactive Beast

Husband reporter here. Many of you have asked for an update. You care and that means the world. My original intent was to act as Karyn’s ghost writer and provide an update in her voice, which she would then edit and approve. Yet, despite being married to her for a great many/many great years, I am neither her nor a good enough writer to pretend to be. You’d see through any façade I attempted. Trust me.
The most recent MRI, which was pushed out to six weeks after the last  showed more tumor growth. The beast, as Karyn calls it, is back and it’s getting bigger. It’s time to do something. Again.
We talked with her neuro-oncologist a few times about various options for treatment, and another round of radiation is the best of them. Radiation is not without risks, but Karyn’s doctors feel her brain and body will tolerate it well. And, doing nothing would be worse.
Deciding this is nothing to wait on, Karyn elected to start ASAP and has her first of 10 radiation sessions today. Taking a day off for Christmas (gee, thanks), that means the last session would be Wednesday, Dec. 30.
Additional conversations with the neuro-oncologist and radiologist have us more positive than we already were. Re-radiation (second time around) does not tend to create damage to the brain, and odds are good that tumor growth will be stopped or that it will shrink. It’s not a cure (still waiting on one of those), but means more time.
“How much more time?” I can hear you asking. The answers we got are all based on averages and statistics (your mileage may vary). But, consider how well Karyn has responded to previous treatments. Factor in her determination. Her strength. Her unequivocal badassary. Her network of loving and supportive friends and family (you). That all adds up to “mileage.”
So, here we go. Again. We appreciate your positivity, support and love. It’s produced miraculous results thus far.

27 thoughts on “Radioactive Beast

  1. Dear Karen and husband. This report causes very deep concern. Best wishes to you from me. As you may recall I am your cousin Kevin’s relative through his marriage. I share an almost exactly the same cancer condition. Like you this thing is threatening me, and I share deep concern for your way forward. Blessings upon you for peace. Neil Kester, Uncle of Kevin your cousin’s wife Kari

  2. Things are changing in the brain tumor world… There is hope .. I follow her blog and even though you don’t know us .. We care so much about this super cool mom/ wife !!!! Radiation is hard but with a husband like you she’ll be great !!! We are not quite as far into this journey as you but …her great attitude make us believe is worth the hard stuff !! Thank you for this update !!

  3. You can do this – again! Never ever give up! You are strong minded and determined. Wish we were closer so we could help but your Mom and Dad are awesome people and will be there for you always.
    Love to you and your family this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. We are so rooting for you to tamp down the beast in your brain. Your humor…your amazing supportive posse of family and friends and your attitude…have brought you this far…Carry on and beat the beast. xoxo Patty Fred and family. Our prayers and love are with you.

  5. Thanks for this update. Totally badass, you are, Karyn. (Channeling Yoda there for a sec’.) We LOVE you so much. Always sending you the best thoughts, and doubling, tripling, infinity-ing them esp until Dec 30th. Girl power. xx

  6. Hoping and praying it does the job until the cure is found. Maybe this will be the cure! Love to you all and positive vibes sent your way.

  7. That news sucks! I am so sorry you have to continue to battle this beast! Prayers for strength and continued fortitude. Hang in there! You are all loved by many!

  8. I have been following your blog since my diagnosis in 2013, but I have never commented. I pray for you every night, and in the brain tumor blog world, I root for you more than you know because our stories are similar. Are you eligible to do anymore trials since you were already in one? I pray this next round of radiation kicks the beast’s ass!!! I can’t wait until you’re ready to honestly and eloquently blog again, but know that I’m praying for you every night! I live in South Carolina, so if I thrive on that hope your blog provides, then there must be countless others! I know radiation can be hard, but you’re going to kick it’s ass!!!

  9. This just isn’t right. If anyone deserves a clean bill of health and a ticket to a guaranteed long and healthy life it’s Karyn. Your family is always on my mind and in my heart. I’ll be rooting for you all and praying the radiation will stop the beast once and for all.

  10. I don’t even know you but I’ve been reading and rooting for you and your family all the way. My husband battled this beast and you will find the strength and positivity you need to make every day count. Keep your spirits high! Push on, do what you need to do to give yourself and your family as much mileage as you can get. You have support everywhere!

  11. Oh gosh, my husband was just commenting last week on how beautifully you write, & now he is reading this update. We both are amazed at how you take such a horrible situation & make it sound positive – that’s a wonderful talent. It leaves us praying for Karyn, & also with hope in our hearts that the beast will retreat, & give Karyn and all of us more time together on this Earth. A friend introduced me to the ampersand (&) as a way of acknowledging that two opposing situations can co-exist, & you can choose to focus on the more positive one – “I have cancer & I have a wonderful family that loves me.” Your writing reminds me of this. Karyn & family, take very good care; trusting we will have you with us in the New Year….

  12. When writing comes from the heart and the depth of such personal emotion, its power is exponentially increased. I cannot imagine what you, Karyn and your family are going through but your strength and her strength are miracles in themselves. Know that there are many people, both near and far, who are wishing, hoping and praying for a world where your beast is beaten.

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