Hair Today…

Husband reporter here. I wanted to share a brief anecdote in an attempt to articulate the badassary that I live with on a daily basis.

On Karyn’s last day of radiation treatment* the nurse looked at her head and said, “Hey, your hair hasn’t changed much. Maybe that’s about all you’ll lose.”

Cut to last night: Karyn runs her hand through her hair and comes away with a fist full of the beautiful stuff. I see this happen, and watch her raise her hand to her head again and remove another large amount of hair. This happens repeatedly and the bathroom waste bin begins to fill with very pretty yet still unappetizing capellini.

“What a bummer. I’m sorry,” I say, feebly trying to convey that I appreciate how unbelievably crappy it is to have ONE MORE THING to deal with, when she’s already dealing with so much.

With the slightest of smiles Karyn answers, “It’s just hair,” and grabs 30-40 more strands.

That, my friends, is badassary in the face of adversary. And that is Karyn, through and through.

* – I love that they use the word “treatment.” It makes it sound more like a spa treatment… from the Worst. Spa. Ever.

10 thoughts on “Hair Today…

  1. That SUCKS supremely! I’m so very sorry she’s got that insult on top of the rest of the ‘Spa’ treatment from hell. Firing up some more prayers and flares that Karyn’s badassery continues in fine form. Prayers for you as well, her beloved knight who plays in a band and keeps the rubber bands and duck tape on the wagon to keep things rolling forward!

  2. Dealing with adversary with grace. I would expect nothing less! I agree with your comment on the term “treatment”. Fine lines between concepts like treatment, intervention and therapy. Although often in these battles the terminology may be a clinical minefield for managers and administrators with good ıntentıons, while we on the receiving end may feel befuddled while soldering on. God bless to you both and your family. Anton

  3. Sorry to hear about the hair problems. Miine fell out when I was getting radiation for GBM. I had my head shaved to make it even. But it grew back over the last several months. Then, on December 29 I had my head shaved… This was a necessary plan in order for me to use Optune, a head electrical fields, a new, fourth method of treating brain cancer (presented on YouTube). I use transducer arrays about 23 hours a day. A 15-minute presentation on what I am doing for my Glioblastoma can be found by googling “Bill Doyle: treating cancer with electric fields”. Would also welcome another call from Karen. Regards, and I wish you ongoing strengths and morale. Neil Kester (Kari Kantola uncle)

  4. I agree! Worst. Spa. Ever! The hair loss happens so suddenly and in huge amounts – it’s quite stunning. But she’s right. It’s only hair. And I shaved it eventually, too. Good news is that mine has grown all back. And I’m enjoying my blue pixie cut right now (Think: Joy, from “Inside Out”) Like I always say, “Live Life Now! Find the Fun!”

  5. I love the “badassery” and if it’s not in any current dictionary, it should be, and in particular – the “cancer” dictionary, of which there must be one, sadly! and the definition should read: Karyn & Carolann

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