Time Flu By

Husband reporter here with the latest on Karyn. It’s been a while since we we shared an update, so let me catch everyone up.

When we last left off, Karyn had finished radiation treatments and was feeling like garbage. That continued until about… well… this week. There were good moments here and there but extreme fatigue, difficulty speaking and an inability to deal with noise and activity ruled the day. Rather than get better, it actually got worse over time. We thought it was the flu, and there’s still a good possibility that she had that as well. (Holy insult to injury, Batman!) But, the overall health trend was down, not up, and we were at a loss as to why or what to do.

Recently, we found out it was probably because she got off steroids, which she was taking to manage inter-cranial swelling. Karyn took them for long enough that her body may have forgotten how to make its own (which bodies do naturally).

Oh what a difference a little Decadron makes!

Steroids have their own lousy side effects, but getting back on them this week has brought Karyn back in a big way. She’s sleeping less, eating more and much more herself. Her ability to put up with indoor flying of a remote-controlled helicopter by our newly nine-year-old son is damned impressive on its own! It’s great to have her back!

In the middle of all this was an MRI in early February. That showed little change from the one prior to radiation, which means Chernobyling her head helped prevent new growth. There’ll be another MRI in a month, and we are optimistic that it will look as good or better.

Now, Karyn will hurt me for this, but I’m going to do it anyway. (I can feel the cold stare and punch in the arm already… ow.)

Karyn has wondered at different times what this site means to people. She hasn’t said it in so many words, but the question that seems to come up from time to time is, “Why do people read this?”

So, I’d like to ask you to please share below* what you get from everydayleft? Why do you read the posts? What does this site mean to you?

I know what she, and we get from you: Love and support, and often when they’re needed most. Thank you.

* – If you’re reading this in your email, go to http://www.everydayleft.com and please add your thoughts there.

115 thoughts on “Time Flu By

  1. This blog keeps me updated without asking others “How’s Karyn doing?” all the time. I continue to pray for her and your family. She has amazing strength and a wonderful supportive family. You are an inspiration to us all. She’s such a creative, innovative person. I’m curious to what she’s been making lately? Always think of her when I’m on Pinterest (because she first introduced me to it). Positivity, peace, love and happiness to you all! ❤️

  2. Hello, Karyn,
    I stumbled across your blog tonight seeking answers to some disconcerting symptoms recently experienced. I’ve found beauty, grace, and hope here. Thank you. Prayers for you and your family.

  3. I read this blog because I’m pulling for Karyn and all of you. I feel connected because we shared a very special time in our lives: R and L at CFC from the ages of just a few months to just before kindergarten. It was always comforting to know R and I had friends making those transitions with us. And then my L and B to follow them up, with us as experienced pros by then of course. Following along because of that connection and because Karyn is amazing! And such a terrific eloquent writer, both of you are.

    Sending hope and energy and strength for Karyn.

    • Sylva! It’s so great to hear from you. Thank you for writing. It’s really nice to know you’ve been reading the blog.

      It’s both surprising and completely natural that R comes up in conversation here as often as he does. Those formative years really sink in!

      Hope you’re all doing amazingly well.

  4. I found this site when I was searching for ways to prepare for my craniotomy to remove a brain tumor. Even though I had my craniotomy at one of the top hospitals for brain care, I still felt like I needed more information; I felt like the hospital did not supply me with much information. Fortunately my tumor ended up being found to be benign, and unfortunately I ended up with a big dent just like Karyn’s 🙂 Anyway, Karyn’s information was very helpful for me and I wish her the best.

    • Dents are VERY in this season. Wear it with pride!

      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you’re on what sounds like a good path to better health. Benign is fine!

      – husband reporter

  5. I’ve only just stumbled on your blog tonight and it’s an absolute godsend. No one tells you how to look after someone after a big operation and being the primary carer for my mum after her craniotomy whilst all of my friends finish university has been a learning curve. Your blog is the first source I’ve found that can actually answer some of my questions so that I can reassure my mum. I can’t wait for her to wake up so I can tell her that her numb and itchy skull, jaw pain, funny lumps are normal and she’s not alone. Thank you so much and best wishes!

  6. This blog keeps me updated on how Karyn is doing. I am not in her every-day life, but had been before….in her “work-life”, when I worked with her. This blog inspires me and it only helps me send Karyn good vibes when I read this, because she deserves it. She is an inspiration. And I read this blog because I care. She at one time cared about me…. as my manager! Thanks.

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